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Babasónicos Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 16
Sat, 8:30 pm
Babasónicos, El Kuelgue
Rosario · Anfiteatro Municipal Rosario

Babasónicos Concerts Schedule Apr 2019

Apr 13
Sat, 9:00 pm
Santiago · Teatro Coliseo

Babasónicos Concerts Schedule May 2019

May 4
Sat, 9:30 pm
Berlin · Bi Nuu
May 10
Fri, 9:00 pm
Barcelona · Sala Apolo

About Babasónicos

Babasónicos is a rock music band from Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 1991. Lead by singer Adrián Rodríguez a.k.a. "Adrián Dárgelos", the original line-up of the band had Diego Tuñón ("Uma-T") on keyboards, Diego Castellano ("Panza"), on drums, Adrián's brother Diego Rodríguez ("Diego Uma") on guitar and occasional vocals, Mariano Domínguez, ("Mariano Roger") on lead guitar and Gabriel Manelli ("Gabo") on bass. (