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Baauer Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 30
Sun, 2:00 pm
SnowGlobe Music Festival, Justin Jay, RL Grime and others 8
South Lake Tahoe, CA · Lake Tahoe Community College

About Baauer

30th of April 1989, Harry Bauer Rodriguez was born in Pennsylvania, United States. The now known music producer, Baauer, grew up moving from one country to another, wherever his dad goes, the family goes. He lived his first four years in US, three years in Germany, six years in London, United Kingdom, then finally settling back for four years in Connecticut, US. He studied there in Staples High. Then finish schooling at The American School in London for a year. He then moved back to US, in New York, to study at a City College focusing on Audio Technology. He is now settled in Brooklyn.

On 2011, he had released two singles that does not make it big time in the market. Those songs were “Iced Up” and “Samurai.” 

Baauer is known for the single “Harlem Shake” that was released on the 22nd of May 2012. A year later, they made a video craze online with the music of “Harlem Shake” and it went viral. People, all over the world, start making and uploading their own amateur version of the video. “Harlem Shake” dance craze starts from people in the video remain still with one crazy dancer doing all his moves and as the song progress everybody in the video went wild and crazy. Amateur videos were sent by various groups of people like firemen, Football teams, college students, kids in their costumes and a video of SeaWorld Animals. By March of the year 2013, Baauer became one of the “must-see” artists. His single “Harlem Shake” was the Dance Song of the Year at Billboard Music Awards. And the song was able to hit the top charts all over the world, in US, Australia and New Zealand. The single has Silver, Gold, and three Platinum awards. This year he also released the single “Dum Dum.” This song was released with LuckyMe label.

For the year of 2013, he also released two singles. Baauer collaborated with Just Blaze, a hip hop producer, and with Jay-Z, an American rapper, for their track “Higher.” The other track was “Infinite Daps”. Baauer was able to produce remixes of different artists like NeroNo DoubtThe Prodigy and Flosstradamus. His music was focused on producing hip hop, bass, electronic, dub steps, trap and grime music. He is mostly influenced by dance and hip hop music. As early as the age of thirteen, Baauer had produced dance music.