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About Aura Dione

Born in 1985, Maria Louise Joensen (Aura Dione) is a pop recording artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. She gained success in the early 2010s, with her spunky attitude and chart topping singles. Her Goddy personality and music is similar to popular artist Monrose, Ivy Quainoo, Mandy Capristo, and Medina.

Dione grew up in an unconventional environment. Her parents, of French and Danish decent, traveled the world on the open seas. Considered Hippies, the family moved around most of the singer’s life until they settled in Bornholm. At a young age, Dione began to show interest in singing and songwriting. She wrote her first single at the age of 8. She gained this talent from her parents, who were also musicians. Once, she reached adolescence she moved out and headed to Australia to live a primitive life with the Aborigines.

In the early 2000s, Dione headed back to Europe and pursued her musical career. She spent the first few years writing music and recording. In 2007, the talented singer released her first single from her debut album, Columbine. The song gained a fair amount of attention, yet, didn’t match the release of her next single “I Will Love You Monday (365).” The song made Dione a European success and launched her musical career into stardom.

In 2011, Dione dropped her anticipated sophomore album, Before the Dinosaurs. The record continued the success of the singer garnering her more popularity in Europe. It also transcended her music throughout the world. The album became a No. 1 seller and cemented Dione as the second all-time Danish recording artist. The record contributed most of its popularity to the hit single “Geronimo.” Afterwards, the singer went on tour and recorded one more single before crossing over the pond.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and began recording her most recent album. In 2014, she announced the record would be ready this year. Aura Dione has no current shows at this time; however, is planning on touring after the release.