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About Audioslave

Formed in 2001, Audioslave is a rock super-group that began in Los Angeles, California. In 2000, Rage Against the Machine’s lead singer, Zack de La Rocha announced his departure. The rest of the band became unaware of their future but decided to stay together and form a new group. After auditioning singers, producer Rick Rubin introduced them to Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell. Remaining members, Tom Morello, Brad Wilks, and, Tim Commerford created a connection with Cornell. The quartet began writing music and forming a musical bond.

The band received a spot on the Ozzfest tour; yet, Audioslave temporarily broke up due to management differences. Later, the group fired their old representation and hired a new management firm. Their labels, Interscope and Epic worked out an agreement on album releases to please both parties.

After music leaked to the internet, in 2002 Audioslave dropped their first self-titled album. The first single “Cochise” became an immediate success. Although the record received mixed reviews, in 2006 the album hit triple platinum. Critics felt the music had little effort involved; yet, it sold more than any of their other releases. Their sound was a mixture of 1970s rock, grunge, and modern rock. They followed their album playing worldwide, including an on-air performance in Cuba that was the first of its kind. In 2004, Audioslave received a Grammy nomination for their hit single “Like a Stone.” The song cemented their album as one of the top of the year. After performing at Lollapalooza and various other festivals, Audioslave returned to the studio to work on their second album, Out of Exile.

Soon after the Cuba show, the band released their sophomore record. Again, the album was an immediate success and topped billboard charts in its first week. The music garnered critical acclaim; yet, ventured away from the mainstream. Audioslave followed the release with performances at the Live 8 concert in Berlin, and their Out of Exile tour. Their hit single “Doesn’t Remind Me” played on radio stations worldwide and earned the group another Grammy nomination.

In 2006, the group released their final album, Revelations. During the release, rumors spread about the band splitting, but nothing immediately transpired. Both Morello and Cornell worked on solo projects at the time, which lessened their focus. The record didn’t impress many and sold fewer copies than their previous albums. One year later, Cornell announced he was leaving Audioslave and wished them the best. RATM also showed interest in reuniting for a reunion tour. In 2007, according to the New York Post, Audioslave had disbanded.