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About Athlete

The Athlete Mixing it Up

Athlete is popular indie rock band from Deptford, London who had sold 2 platinum albums since 2003. The band comprises of Joel Pott (lead singer and guitarist), Carey Willetts (bass guitarist and back-up vocals), Stephen Roberts (drummer and back-up vocals) and Tim Wanstall(keyboard and back-up voclas).

The Olden Days

Their first album, Vehicles & Animals sold more than 500,000 copies making it a platinum seller in 2003 and followed by yet another successful platinum seller in 2005 titled Tourist. The crew frequently updates their music and regularly has gigs and releases albums up to date.

The childhood friends since fourteen was highly influenced by the Granddaddy and The Flaming Lips. They started to jam at The Bear, a former pub situated at Deptford High Street. They Started recording there and soon after 2002, they were on top of the airwaves. Their first single Westside gathered huge attention in BBC Radio 1 and on the hype gave way to another hit single “You Got the Style”.

Rising to Glory

The band came to fame with their first album Vehicles & Animals and sold tons of copies in 2003 alone.. They made numerous tours and appeared on live shows around the world. Their second album Touristamassed nominations from Mercury Music Prize and sold thousands of copies worldwide. This album went crazy on UK Album Charts on the first week and won the “Best Contemporary Song” Ivor Novello Award in 2006.

Mixing it Up

The band steadily gained fame until in 2007; they released an album (Beyond the Neighborhood) which elicited a divided reaction from the fans. Evidently, the band was trying to mix up something you to their repertoire, they were experimenting. They went on massive worldwide tour in 2007 and 2008 until they released another album in 2009 called Black Swan. A collection of their hit songs throughout their career was compressed in an album titled Singles 1-10 in 2010.

Athlete in Acoustic

In 2011, they performed their most celebrated songs in tours in a slightly different fashion. They decided to mellow down a bit and played their songs in acoustic style. It was a huge success and had been followed by 18 successive yours afterwards. In May 2013, they celebrated their 10th anniversary with tours and gigs performing their first published album Vehicles & Animals. Presently, the band regularly performs and play across the world.