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About At the Drive-In

The American hardcore band At the Drive-in was formed in 1993 from  El Paso, Texas. The band’s career span from 1993 to 2001, when the band decided to split up, but soon reunited later in 2012. Their band members are Cedric Bixler (vocalist), Jim Ward and Omar Rodriguez (guitarists), Paul Hinojos (bassist ) and Tony Hajjar (drummer).

Formation and Beginning

Founded by Bixler and Ward in 1993, the band first performed live in a school fair in El Paso. At their early start, the band performed in small clubs across the western side of U.S. They released two EPs Hell Paso (1994) and Alfaro Vive, Carajo! (1995) before they were discovered by Flipside Records, the label that released the band’s first full-length album Acrobatic Tenement in 1996. Following the release, the band performed in concert tour across U.S., with tour dates extending from February to June 1997, with fellow artists including  Mustard Plug and Cosmic Psychos. The third EP of the band El Gran Orgo was released in 1997 and at this point, the band has developed a considerable fan base.

Drive-in from 1998-2001

After Flipside quitted, the band desperately looked for another label to release its next album. It was during their opening act in a local bar that the band was noticed by Fearless Records and the 2nd album “In/Casino/Out” was released in 1998. During this time, the band was also busy in performing in live shows with “Knapsack and The Murder City Devils”. In 1999, the band, together with  Jimmy Eat World, played in another tour in the U.S. for two weeks and followed in Europe for another six weeks. Under a new producer, the band recorded its third full-length album Relationship of Command and was completely released in September 2000. The album was the ticket of the band into the mainstream spotlight and the band promoted the album in a world tour across U.S., Japan and Europe. 

Break-up and Reunion

In March 2001, despite the band’s popularity, At the Drive-in announced an “indefinite hiatus”. Several factors contributed to the break-up, including years of continuous recordings and concert tours, differences in music preferences and drug dependence of several members. The last live performance of the band was on February 21, 2001 at Groningen’s Vera.

The first rumor of the eventual reunion of the band arose in 2009, after Bixler announced in an interview that he was in contact with the former members for possibly coming back together as a group. However, it was only in January 2012 that the reunion was formally announced to the public. The band’s first performance after the reunion was in Austin, Texas together with Zechs Marquise. Following this, the band performed in “ Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival”, Lollapalooza, and Reeding Leeds Festival.