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Apocalyptica Concerts Schedule Nov 2018

Nov 20
Tue, 8:00 pm
Apocalyptica, Max Lilja
Ulm · Roxy - Kultur in den Hallen
Nov 21
Wed, 8:00 pm
Apocalyptica, Max Lilja
Reutlingen · Franz.K

About Apocalyptica

A Finnish metal band “Apocalyptica” was formed in 1993 from the local town of Helsinki. The group is presently composed of Perttu Kivilaakso, Paavo Lotjonen, Eicca Toppinen and Mikko Siren. In the beginning, the band was intended to be a tribute band of another known band called “Metallica”. Apocalyptica is a very talented band producing wide variety of music. The band was very flexible producing classical music, hard rock music, to thrash metal music.the band was able to integrate world music, folk music and Middle Eastern music.

In 1993, four students from Sibelius Academy formed a group and play Metallica music. the students were Antero Mannineng, Max Lilja, Paavo Lotjonen and Eicca Toppinen. In 1996, the group recorded and released their Metallica cover album. Their album was entitled “Plays Metallica by Four Cellos”. Their title says it all, they transform Metallica’s music by playing it with cellos.

Two years later, in 1997, the group was able to release “Inquisition Symphony” album. It was their second studio album. This time, their album was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa. Aside from Metallica’s music, the album included covers for the singles of Pantera, Sepultura and Faith No More. This album also includes original compositions of Eicca Toppinen. In 1999, Perttu Kivilaakso was welcomed in the group, replacing Antero Manninen when he left. In 2000, the band had their third album “Cult” released. In 2002, another band member left the group, it was Max Lilja. Max joined another band. Apocalytica became a trio.

In 2003, the trio released “Reflections”, their fourth album. The album was composed of original composition. Dave Lombardo, a band member of the “Slayer”, had a special participation in this album. He played drums for the five songs recorded in this album. But since Dave cannot play for them in their concerts, they invited Mikko Siren to play for them.

In 2005, their self-titled album was released. Few artists participated in this album; HIM’s Ville Valo, The Rasmus’ Lauri Ylonen and Slayer’s Dave Lombardo. It was also announced that Mikko Siren was officially part of the band. He gained the position after playing for the band for more than two hundred concert and tours.

In 2007, “Worlds Collide” album was released as their sixth album. The album includes a German cover of the song “Heroes” by David Bowie. Their single “I’m Not Jesus” reached the tenth spot in Active Rock and Alternative Rock charts. To date, Apocalyptica was able to sell more than four million albums.