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Animal Джаz Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 23
Sun, 8:00 pm
Animal Джаz
Москва · Luzhniki Stadium
Dec 23
Sun, 8:00 pm
Animal Джаz
Moscow · Stadium Live
Dec 29
Sat, 8:00 pm
Animal Джаz
St Petersburg · А2

About Animal Джаz

Is an alternative rock and pop rock band formed in the autumn of 2000. The band is based in St. Petersburg, Russia. To date, they’ve already released eight records of which there are three acoustic records. Its present members include “Alexander “Mihalych” Krasovitski” as the band vocalist, “Igor Buligin” as the bass artist, “Evgenyi “Johnson” Ryahovski” as the guitarist, “Sergey Kivin” as the drummer, and “Alexander Zarankin for the keyboard.

It is also worth to mention the band’s former members, which include “Sergey Egorov” from 2000 – 2004 as the drummer, “Boris Golodec” from 2000 – 2004 as the keyboard artist, “Stanislav Gavrilov” from 2004 – 2005 as the keyboard artist, “Andey Kazachenko” from 2005 – 2007 as the keyboard artist, “Yan Lemskiy” from 2004 – 2008” as the drummer, and “Gennadiy Mikrukov” from 2006 – 2012 as the band director.

The band received two nominations as the “Best New Band” in 2003 and another for 2004 as “Best Live Band” for “Fuzz Magazine Awards”. They graced and perform at the two awards ceremonies in both years.The band made waves at “Russia’s” biggest open-air rock festival called “Nashestvie”. After a couple of years the band was again nominated this time for RAMP (Rock Alternative Music Prize) 2008 in select categories. And finally, they won “The Best Song of the Year” and “Soundtrack of the Year”.

The winter of 2008 and 2009 witnessed the recording of a new LP in various St. Petersburg studios. In March 2009, the band released the album “Egoist” by “2+2=5” recording company.

The band also made different “front act” for many popular groups, including “Rollins Band”, “Garbage”, “Clawfinger”, “The Rasmus” and “Linkin Park”.

On March 16, 2002, the band released the live album “Oranjazz”. The group released “Intermission” in May 10, 2002 and soon followed by “Animalism” in November 24, 2002.

After one year, they released the maxi-single “If Breathing” and “Bolero for Marlen Ditrich” on 2003. And on 2004, they released the LPs “Stereo Love”, “Like People”, and “The Best”. The latest from the band is the studio LP release of “Animal Jazz” on March 25, 2011. The group endured the common band problems of members going solo.