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Aloe Blacc Concerts Schedule Feb 2019

Feb 22
Fri, 5:30 pm
Aloe Blacc
Parkville · Melbourne Zoo

About Aloe Blacc

Aloa Blacc, an American singer, rapper and businessman, who was born in 1979. He was born to Panamanian parents in Los Angeles. When he was in school, he learned to play trumpet. He played trumpet for a long time. He released “Imaginary Friends” at an early age and joined with a hip hop group known as “Emanon.” When he was at college he was dedicated to music. He further learned to play guitar as well as piano. After his graduation, he spent a great time with the corporate world and liked to become a businessman. But his love for music was so deep. In 2005, he returned with a debut album “The Waiting Room”. The album was a solid album which motivated Aloe Blacc to work for another album. He released his second album entitled “Shine Through”. This album was a blend of retro-soul as well as Latin music and it was released on Stones Throw.

In 2010 he dealt with the Truth & Soul Productions crew and released ‘Good Things”. One of the songs from the album entitled "I Need a Dollar, entered into the top chart in many countries including Germany and U.K. this song became hit and was selected for HBO program known as “How to Make ...”. In the year 2013, Aloe sang "Wake Me Up,", this song became one of the top songs in the billboard. He worked for his third album “Your Spirit”.

Aloe had a girl friend whom he married in 2013, her name is Maya Jupiter. They have a child named Mandela.

Beside music, Aleo is very passionate involved in a number of social activities. He is occupied in “Malaria No More” which is a charity organization. He loved to educate people about malaria and healthy lifestyle in African countries. Aloe has been a popular artist who is always active in music. He has got nomination for a number of awards including “Best International Artist” (2012), Soul Train - Centric Award (2011), and won Worker's Voice Award and BET Awards - Centric Award. He is seen in many TV shows such as "The Today Show" (2014), Dancing with the Stars (2013) and The Graham Show (2011)