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About Alizée

Alizée is the stage name of beautiful French pop singger Alizée Jacotey. She was born in Ajaccio, Corsica. Alizée has been one of the female artists who has got tremendous stage performance ability. Her singing style, dance and expressions are adored by all of her fans today. She took part in a talent show “Graines de Star”, in 1999. She was exposed by Mylène Farmer. She was able to release two albums by the assistance of Mylène Farmer. And both albums were famous in France and other countries. In her first albums, Mylène Farmer wrote all the songs. Within three months of the release of the first album “Gourmandises” Alizée received Platinum certification. The album was lunched internationally in 2001. Soon she became the top selling female singer in France. Gourmandises included “Moi Lolita” which became super hit song and earned unimaginable fame for the singer. In 2003, she released “Mes Courants Électriques”. This album was also a success for her which earned international fame. She toured in France in 2003 and participated in more than 40 concerts. Soon she toured in Switzerland and Belgium. She release “Psychédélices” in 2007 and

“Une Enfant Du Siècle” was released in 2010. She recorded a single “Blonde”, which was released in March, 2014.

Although Alizée admits that she is very shy and reserved, her stage performance shows a different thing. She is very lively and enjoyable on stage. People love her stage performances. Her slow dance is exceptional. This beautiful singer was married to a French singer Jérémy Chatelain. It is known that she got a mezzo-soprano vocal0-type. According to Alizée, sje gets real inspiration from Madonna and Whitney Houston. And she has been grateful to Mylène Farmer who worked hard to upgrade her image.

She prefers a Lolita-like image on the stage. Her appearance is like a teenage girl but she possesses beauty. She has been elected as one of the sexiest women in the world. She is also in some philanthropic missions and loves to help the poor.