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Alice Cooper Concerts Schedule Aug 2019

Aug 12
Mon, 7:31 pm
Alice Cooper
Los Angeles, CA · Greek Theatre

Alice Cooper Concerts Schedule Sep 2019

Sep 8
Sun, 6:00 pm
Alice Cooper
Barcelona · Sant Jordi Club
Sep 11
Wed, 8:00 pm
Alice Cooper, With
Mannheim · SAP Arena
Sep 13
Fri, 8:00 pm
Alice Cooper
Berlin · Max-Schmeling-Halle
Sep 18
Wed, 8:00 pm
Alice Cooper
Stuttgart · Porsche Arena
Sep 23
Mon, 8:00 pm
Alice Cooper
Hamburg · Barclaycard Arena
Sep 30
Mon, 8:00 pm
Alice Cooper
Leipzig · Arena Leipzig

Alice Cooper Concerts Schedule Oct 2019

Oct 1
Tue, 8:00 pm
Alice Cooper


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About Alice Cooper

The story of Frankenstein

If we look at the modern rock stage, we can easily see that many of the artists are making scary faces, tear apart their BDSM costumes, give weird shows – all the elements invented by Alice Cooper 30 years ago. Alice Cooper, a psycho, a flayer, a hellboy on whose horror picture a few generations of people have grown up became a paragon for modern metal musicians as the father of shock rock.

Having appeared in 1970s as a rebellious rocker, Cooper is keeping the title till now. It was he who first dared to combine aggressive hard rock with provocative lyrics and scandalous stage shows. And his method worked which is proved by Ozzy Osbourne or Marilyn Manson. Alice Cooper was one of the first to break all the rock rules. He made every Alice Cooper show a theatrical concert, he dictated his own rules in show business and he created a great number of records full of black humor and satire.

Vincent Damon Furnier was boen in 1948 in Detroit, Michigan in a preacher’s family. His first songs were written when he was at school, and the first band was formed in 1960. The initial name was Earwigs. The members and names changes while the musicians were giving concerts in local clubs and recording singles that spread in neighboring cities and towns. Local press called the band (at that time called the Spiders) the worst band in the city – for their exceptional shows from which some people ran away in fear.

At 20, Damon decided to give his band a new name – the name of 17 century’s witch called Alice Cooper. At that time he was together with four other musicians: Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Glen Buxton and Neal Smith. The witch’s name soon started to associate with the frontman only who soon began to use it and created an image of an ugly creature in baggy clothes. That was the era of eccentric theatrical shows, violent heavy metal and shock to disgust. The members got inspired by movies, plays and other bands’ ideas.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1969, Alice Cooper met Frank Zappa who helped them to start with his label. That year, the first album was born followed by a long play in 1970. The albums were not a big success, so the group came back to Detroit to polish their art at local stages.

Late 70s brought real success. Alice Cooper shows with eccentric decorations and shocking actions became popular in the world. After that, they started to issue albums one by one with each CD provoking a new delight explosion among fans.

Alice Cooper tour 2017

The band are on tour now, Alice Cooper tour dates are from now on till the 7 of December. Alice Cooper concert schedule 2017 is really tough with the group coming to US, Canada, Europe, UK, South America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. In UK, Alice Cooper Portland show is already over, bit you still have a chance to visit their concert in Pittsburg, Cincinnati or Chicago. Alice Cooper concert dates follow one by one with almost no days to rest. Alice Cooper concert tickets are available online.

Alice Cooper reviews

Concert was awsome! Seating sucked!!
Great venue great show Thank you ALICE COOPER...TUNESPEAK AND SPOTIFY....
Loved loved loved it.
Loved it! Alice Cooper never disappoints!
Best Night Ever! Alice performs and sounds the same as 40 years ago. One of the highlights of the night was when his guitarist got off the bus and came right over to me and shook my hand. Now I love him too!
Amazing show!!!👍🏽
It was a wonderful show!!!
Great as always. Brandon Gibbs kicked ass
The best show I've ever seen! (And I've seen a lot)
It was great!! We did the pre- show VIP and loved it!! I would love to see Alice there again!!!
Awesome Show as Always. Guitars, Drums, ALICE & SHERYL COOPER!!! 😍😍 How Awesome that they are STILL ROCKING on stage together after over 40 Yrs!!! Thanks Again For The Great Show!!! It's ALWAYS A ROCKING PLEASURE to Attend One. 😎
I don’t have the words to describe how amazing it was to finally see someone I grew up listening to take the stage and perform all the songs I used to sing! Simple incredible! What a rock star! Absolutely amazing show!