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About Alai Oli

Originating from Russia, Alai Oli is a band formed to achieve one goal—to offer a different kind of reggae-ska music to its audience.Alai Oli started playing beautiful reggae songs in September 29, 2004. The group was formed by Olga Marquez and Alexander Shapovskim in Yekaterinburg. It became a popular Russian group, thanks to the Internet. In spite of being a Russian band, Alai Oli managed to divert their music from Russian reggae and create a different twist in their original genre. The uniqueness of the group bred upon the fondness of the Russian community, making them a top artist all throughout the country.

During an interview in the local newspaper, "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Olga Marquez further explained where the name of the band originated. The term “Alai Oli” is from the Amharic language and it is a well-known phrase that means “to bear positive”. This explains why the group always creates songs that never fail to radiate a different level of positivity.

The group had their first concert in Yekatirinburg in the year 2004. During the same year, the group recorded their first demo song entitled God is Love. Shortly after this, they were invited to perform at various gigs and concerts, placing them among the popular artists in Russia. One of their biggest breaks was when they were invited to the concert, “60 Years to Bob Marley”. In this event, they performed and shared the stage with 5 of the best reggae bands, as well as popular Russian singer, Horace Andy.

Their second demo included songs such as “Jamal”, “Natasha” and “Do Not Go Away”. These songs quickly became a hit to the Russian audience because of their unique and highly inspiring tune. Then, they continued to expand as a horn and percussion section were added to the group, creating a more complete and holistic sound.

After these successes, Alai Oli continued to rise as they released their first album, “Yes, Bro?” This record is comprised of 13 tracks, and each song had a unique and distinct sound. Progress after that was rapid as the people learned to embrace and love Alai Oli’s music.