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About Ace of Base

Ace of Base is a pop group from Sweden. The lineup of the group is comprised of Linn Berggren (Vocalist), Jenny Berggren (Vocalist), Jonas Berggren (Keyboardist) and Ulf Ekberg. Ace of Base is basically a pop group which was formed in 1990. The group became very popular with its first album entitled “The Sign”. This album’s melodic Euro-disco was loved by many people in clubs. Within a short time, the group could achieve a good place in the U.S. Top charts. Their singles like "Don't Turn Around," "The Sign," and "All That She Wants," were at top positions for more than five weeks.

Before the formation of the group, Linn Berggren and Jenny used to sing at the local churches in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their sibling, Jonas was playing with Ulf Ekberg at that time. Finally, Jonas and Ulf recruited Linn and Jenny in their newly formed group. During 1990, the groups started playing dance music at different clubs in Sweden. Luckily, they got a deal with the Mega Records and could release "Wheel of Fortune," a debut single, in 1992. They joined with John Ballard later on who in fact produced most of their songs. Soon they released "Wheel of Fortune" which became hit in the market. In 1993, Ace of Base released its European debut album, “Happy Nation.”

Their next album entitled "All That She Wants" was released in 1993 in America. This album became platinum soon after its release. Ace of Base worked for the “The Sign” which was their reconfigured album. This time the group saw a huge popularity and the album sold over two million copies in the U.S. during 1994, Ace of Base started to dominate the western music market. The group was regular on radio shows in America and European countries. The popularity of “The Sign” continued for a long time and later on, it sold over eight million copies in the U.S. alone. During 1994, the group got nomination for Grammys. Their second album, “The Bridge,” was released in 1995. But this album was not as successful as “The Sign”. In 2000, they released their first greatest hits.