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About 50 Cent

Curtis Jackson, more popularly known as 50 Cent, was born on July 6, 1975 and has lived in  Queens, NYC. It was his grandparents who raised him after his father left and mother died due to gunshot wound when he was only 8 years old. During his childhood days, he has been dreaming of becoming a boxer. Never did he think that he would end up in the music industry, especially in rapping.

How He Started?

It wasn't that easy for 50 Cent to get big break in the hip-hop industry. Jay of  Run-DMC, was very much impressed in his rapping talent and launched an album for 50 cent but it was not released. He also signed another contract with Columbia but the album was shelved before it was released to the public. Both seem to be a not so good start for 50 Cent.

In year 2000, he became a victim of a shooting incident. He obtained several gunshot wounds. After he has recovered, he started rapping again and chose to do low budget albums with some of his loyal friends Yayo and Banks. They named their crew, G-Unit. All their efforts were recognized by Eminem and Dr. Dre. Soon after, they promoted 50 Cent as a solo artist and it was the beginning of his flourishing career.

50 Cent’s Greatest Success

His very first album entitled “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” was produced by Dre and Eminem. It was a big success, which reached over 9 million copies worldwide. Among its popular singles like “Wanksta” and “In Da Club” were topping the charts for more than weeks and months. It was his talent in doing gritty lyrics, along with catchy melodies that attracted many audiences even those who are not actually fan of hip-hop.

His looks, tattooed and muscled, wearing vests and toting handguns actually contributed to his success. And mind you, the lyrics of his songs are actually based on true to life stories, thus, many can relate to them.

In 2005, he released another hit album called “The Massacre”.He continued to do songs that are very much relevant in today’s time and age. “Candy Shop”, “Just A Lit Bit” and many more were related to crime, sex, and drugs.

Newest releases like Curtis (2007) and Before I Self Destruction (2009), did not get the same number of sales, but that did not affect his career and is still considered to one of the most influential men in the hip-hop industry.