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About 2Cellos

This splendid duo initially consisted of two young men from Croatia: Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser. The musicians were trained classically, but got their popularity playing not only classical music,but also music from films and famous rock and pop song which they present in instrumental arrangements. Luka and Stjepan didn't study together, they got acquainted in Croatia at one of the master classes they attended. Both being prominent cellists, they used to be competitors in music contests. That is why it was surprising for many people when the young men new each other better and decided to work together. Though by that time they had already been quite successful musicians, Luka and Stjepan had some financial problems, when one of Stjepan’s friend offers them to try their hand in pop music. As a result, in 2011 the cellists made a “Smooth Criminal” cover which brought them great popularity on YouTube. It was a success which showed the duo the path they decided to follow. A little bit later they got a new member for their group - Dusan Kranjc, a talented drummer. So now many of their covers are played not only on two cellos, but are also accompanied with a drum. 2Cellos concert is a great chance to ruin the boundaries between musical genres, because there you can hear not only covers of popular pop and rock songs, but also classical things, which 2Cellos are not going to abandon. Presently this amazing band has in their career chronicle such evidences of their success as four albums, quite a number of prestigious music awards, featuring on a couple of popular TV shows and even touring with Elton John.

2Cellos concert schedule

On 17 March 2017 2Cellos released their new album created in collaboration with the London Symphony Orchestra. It is called “Score” and it’s promising to be one more breakthrough for the band, because this time 2Cellos setlist consists of most well-known and beautiful film themes of all the times. So 2Cellos tour in support of their new album is already ongoing. It’s going to be really thrilling. 2Cellos tour dates are 22 March - December 15. As some years ago the band started their career collaborating with one mobile company in Japan, they became extremely popular there, so 2Cellos concerts in May will be in Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Sendai and Tokyo. However, the largest number of concerts will be given in the USA. 2Cellos tour USA will start on 18 June in San Diego. Fans are really looking forward for it. For instance, 2Cellos tickets for the concert in Cedar Rapids are already sold out. Last time the musicians visited the USA almost a year ago. For example, 2Cellos Orlando concert took place on 8 February in Dr.Phillips Center, and people had a chance to go 2Cellos Milwaukee concert on 27 February. This year within 2Cellos tour USA the band will visit more than 30 cities. Just to point some of them, Portland Zoo will host 2Cellos Portland concert on 22 July 2017, 2Cellos Seattle event will happen the next day after Portland, Way Theatre will become the scene for 2Cellos Boston concert on 17 September, Atlanta will welcome 2Cellos Atlanta event on 22 September, and Chicago Theatre is going to applaud 2Cellos Chicago concert on 28 October. Many other cities are also in the tour list, so check it at once not to miss 2Cellos in your hometown!

2Cellos reviews

Sooo much fun thanks guys! ❤️
Wishing we were there!!
Amazing show. They are great performers.
Great show and look forwarding to seeing them again, next year!
My fiancé and I had a BLAST. So happy we finally got to see you guys in concert! Never been to a performance like that before. ❤️?
It was an amazing night.
Best night ever!
It was great, loved every minute of it