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Стас Михайлов Concerts Schedule Apr 2019

Apr 28
Sun, 6:00 pm
Стас Михайлов
Москва · Государственный Кремлевский Дворец

About Стас Михайлов

On 27th of April 1969, Stanislav Mikhailov was born in Sochi, Krasnodar Krai. He is a Russian singer and song-writer. Mikhailov was born in a family of pilots and nurses. He was young when his pilot brother taught him some basic guitar chords. He even enrolled in Minsk flying school for awhile and then he was drafted for a military service. He then studied in Tambov Institute but again he was not able to finish it. He then worked as a merchant in a video rental and machine store. He was also hired in a recording studio and he began playing at different restaurants in Sochi.

In 1992, he moved to Moscow. He wrote his debut single “Spark”, and then it was released five years later. While waiting for his song to be released, he worked in a theater. His single failed to reach the market. Due to his unsuccessful attempt in the music industry, his family returned to Sochi. In early 2000, Mikhailov took a risk again in moving back to Moscow for his music career. His song “Without You” reached the radio stations, playing his songs on air. “Dedication” album was released in year 2002 but did not receive a big response in the listeners.

In 2004, “Calls for Love” album was released. And it marked the breakthrough of his music career. Two years later, 2006, he was able to perform with other artist in a concert at “October” Big Concert Hall. Then, he released his “Coast of Dreams” album. He conducted a concert in “Cosmos” hotel hall.

In 2007, he released his album “Heaven” with the hit single “All for You” and a music video of his song “You!”. He also performed at the State Kremlin Palace for the first time.

“Unexpected Love” was a compilation album released in early 2008. Then, he released “Life is a River” album in December. He also released two more music videos for the songs “The Wanderer” and “Life is a River”. In 2009, he received awards such as “Artist of the Year of Chanson Year” and “Golden Gramophone”. He was also featured in a Festival of “Song of the Year”. In 2010, he released his album “Live”. Again, he received various awards and performed at the State Kremlim Palace. He received “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation” awarded for year 2010. In 2011, he was able to schedule another concert at the State Kremlim Palace for three concert.