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Машина Времени Concerts Schedule Jun 2019

Jun 29
Sat, 7:00 pm
Машина Времени
Москва · Открытие Арена

About Машина Времени

Машина Времени or Mashina Vremeni is among the most legendary Russian groups formed during the 60s in Soviet Union by Alexander Kutikov and Andrey Makarevich to play rock music. Later, they were joined by Margulis. While their greatest inspiration was The Beatles and other soviet bards, they have eventually grown and improved as full blown rock artists.

Despite all the challenges and years of hardwork, the group wasn’t able to release an official album until 1983. Their previous works were self produced and released through tapes and are not considered solid albums. Starting 1991, their works were under Sintez records by Kutikov.

The band became iconic because of their innate talent and unique taste in music. Though they play rock music, they are very versatile. Makarevich and Kutikov were the ones who are really good in rock sounds, while Marhulis got noticed as one of the Russia’s best blues players. Through the years and with several changes in the group’s members, almost everybody had a chance to create a song, and most of them were singing as well.

During the 90s, out of five musicians, four of them were also singers. All of them were given an opportunity to do several side projects and has successfully released solo albums.

Since its birth, the group has experienced several changes in their lineup. In 1974, Kutikov left because of a fight with the drummer kavagoe. He was replaced by Margulis. He soon returned after Kavagoe and Margulis has left the band before 1980 and created Воскресение.

From 1979 to 1982, the band’s keyboard player was Petr Podgorodetsky. He has also composed some boogie-woogie-driven hits with funny lyrics. He was replaced by Alexander Zaytsev.

The 80s was considered to be the band’s golden years. They have gained huge support from people in their country and were allowed to go on tours and released albums officially. They have gained their very first prize on Tbilisi Rock Festival. Most of their greatest hits like Marionetki (Puppets), Povorot (The Turn), and Kosteor (Flame) were released during this era.

In 1990, the band celebrated their 20th anniversary with a grand performance on Red Square. A lot of popular artists, including their previous members, were there to perform and give their support. Despite all their misunderstandings and personal issues in the past, the band’s leader has invited their previous members to be part of the much awaited celebration and reunion.

This superb lineup, which consists of four singing composers and perhaps the famous lineup the group has ever made lasted for another decade. It was in year 2000 when their keyboardist was once again asked to leave the group. He was replaced by Derzhavin.