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About Ляпис Трубецкой

A Belarusian rock band, Ляпис Трубецкой (Lyapis Trubetskoy) was formed in 1990 in  Minsk, Belarus. Led by Sergey Mikhalok, then a student of Belarusian Institute of Culture, the band first performed at the Kohler Ters Festival but it was only after the band performed in the Festival of Music in Minsk that members started to come together and practice regularly.

Formative Years of 1990 to 2003

In its early years, the band has taken part in different music festivals where it performed together with other Russian groups including  Chajf, 2 Planes and Chufella Marzufella. In 1996, Evgeny Kravtsov noticed the band’s unique performance in a show at the Palace of Chess and Checkers and offered the band a recording contract. Later, the band’s first album Ранетое сердце (Wounded Heart) was released which sold an estimate of 20 to 30 thousand cassette copies. During the same year, the band received three awards at the Rock Coronation 1996, a music awards in Belarus including the Album of the Year Award. In the succeeding years until 2003, the band released a number of albums including Ты кинула (You Gave Me Up), Красота (Beauty) and Тяжкий (Heavy)

The Band in the 21st Century

In April 2004, the band released Золотые яйцы (Golden Balls) which contains songs with reggae and ska flavor. During this time, members of the band have changed significantly, with Mikhalok starting all over. Following this, the band recorded Мужчины не плачут (Men Don't Cry) and Капитал (Capital). Although Capital was highly anticipated by the fans, Mikhalok still finds the music of the new band very different from the previous one.

In 2008, Manifest was released and made available to the public through direct download via the internet. As a result, the band became one of the first Belarusian musicians to make their album available online and free of charge.

Following Manifest are four other albums entitled Культпросвет (Kultprosvet) in 2009, Весёлые картинки (Funny pictures) in 2011, Рабкор (Rabkor) in 2012 and Матрёшка (Matrioshka) in 2014. Throughout the career of the band, music videos have been a significant part of their success particularly for their album Capital. Among the other awards received by the band include and Best Music Video at the Multimatograph Awards Russia 2007 and Best International Video in MTV Awards Portugal 2008 for the song “Capital”, Best Album at the 2007 MTV RMA Belarus and Band of the Year at the ZD Awards in Russia in 2009.