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About Король и Шут

Korol' i Shut is among the most popular Russian horror punk bands, which originated from  St. Petersburg. They were taking concepts and inspiration, including their costumes, from fables and tales.

The group was created in 1998. Members were school friends. The members are Mikhail Gorshok Gorshenev (МихаилГоршокГоршенёв), Andrei Kniaz Kniazev(Андрей Князь Князев), Alexandr Lieutenant Shchigoliev (Александр Поручик Щиголев), Alexandr Balu Balunov (Александр Балу Балунов), and Yakov Tsvirkunov (Яков Цвиркунов).

Originally, the group’s name was Bureau (Контора). It was changed into Король и Шут in 1992, which literally means The King and the Jester.

Korol' i Shut lyrics are composed by Kniazevand presents horror stories. Most of their topics include vampires, ghosts, trolls, pirates, and Slavic mythology. Most of their music despite its unusual thematic is actually very enjoyable and iconic. Each member of the band will wear costumes and make ups appropriate for their song of choice while on stage.

Highlights of Their Career

The group recorded an album in 1991. It was just a semi professional studio. Their sons have been programmed in the radio and shortly after, they started to be played in different clubs in their hometown. The group started practicing in Tamtam’s club. Just a few years after, they started going out and performing in Moscow.

Their very first formal album was launched in 1994. It was well distributed. Several other hit albums followed after. The band’s first music video was launched in 1998 for the track entitled, Yeli miaso mujiki (Ели мясо мужики -- Men were Eating Meat).

The group’s vocalist, Mikhail Gorsheniov died due to heart failure last July 2013. After their farewell tour during the fall and winter seasons of 2013, Korol i Shut have officially broken up early this year. Surviving members have decided to form a new group, which they now called ' Severny Flot'.

But due to consistent public demands, the former band members have chosen to the original name exclusively for the release of one of their unfinished work entitled “TODD”. It was just right for that track to be included in the legacy of Король и Шут.

What’s Next for Король и Шут?

The legacy of the group will continue to inspire aspiring bands and of course the fans. Who knows, there might be concert or album reunions later on. That is something that we have to watch out for.