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About Катя Чехова

Катя Чехова or Katya Chekhov

Formed in 2005, Katya Chekhov is a legendary Russian project known for its tracks “I, Robot” and “Wings”. It is composed of Catherine Medevedev, Elenas Khryashcheva, Sergei Pimenov, Nikolai Lebedev, Roman Galushkin, Nicholas Zadanevich, Arthur Sitdikov and Maxim Tolstokorov. It is also known to have a huge contribution to the development of club culture and electronic music in Moscow and across Russia.

Kate Medvedev and Elena Khryashcheva are the artist that represents the project. They served as the faces and voice and made a special drama in the image Katya Cheknov.

In December, 2005, the band released their debut album Katya Cheknov “I, Robot” and has sold more than 250,000 copies. It became a hit and included in the playlist of Club DJs in Moscow and across Russia. It was also awarded the National Prize of Music in its debut year. Unfortunately, in March 2006, the vocalist Kate (Medevedev) Hubenko left the team and the project was closed temporarily.

In the later part of 2006, the project was opened once again. The team is composed of a new vocalist. The group introduced conceptualchanges in the project and it became successful. Sergei Pimenov and Nikolai Lebedev, the project producers have taken a new approach in the promotion and distribution of music. The new songs “Version 1.0” and “By-Wire” are made available to everyone free of charge. Everyone had the opportunity to download the new songs on the group’s project sites and personal blog. The group also harnessed the power of social media to introduce to target audience their personal journal at LiveJournal. They use Flickr to publish and share their photos and YouTube to showcase their videos.

In early 2007, saw the released of the second album entitled “Love 2.0”. The album sold more than 100,000 copies and digital sales reached 70,000 for the song “I’m Not With You” and was filmed in FULL HIGH DEFINITION (FULL HD 1080 high resolution) and was aired on the music channel MTV.

In December 2007, they released the third album “Second Life” via UPLIFTO. It was written in the style of drum and bass. The album was downloaded 63,000 times in six months.