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About Браво

Браво or BravoIs a rock and roll band formed in 1983 in Moscow, Russia, Bravo is founded by guitarist Evgeny Havtan. The band was inspired from 1950’s western music and the band is one of the foundations for the revival of Soviet rock and roll music. The band was popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Their sound is closely similar to classic American and British rock and roll of the 1950’s. Its current members include Evgeny Havtan, Pavel Kuzin, Robert Lentz, Alexander Stepanenko and Dimitriy Ashman. Bravo is amazing for its greatest fame during the later part of the Soviet Union and the image it projects to the public. The road to success and popularity is not an easy task for the group during the era of Russian history. It’s known to many:the harsh censorship of the 80’s, the chaos and the crisis from the collapsed of the Soviet and the awaitingchallenge of the new millennium.The band’s story began in the Russian popular city of Moscow in the fall of 1983 when Havtan join Pavel Kuzin and Garik Skuchaev and create a more progressive style of music and artistry. After collaboration and performance the members parted ways. Havtan planned and searched for new members.Aleksander Stepanenkoand Ivanna Anders (Zhanna Aguzarova)joined the group now known as Bravo as it was inspired from successful theater performance. Havtan and Ivanna first composition was “Koshki” or Cats. On March 18, 1984, a 20 minute-long cassette tape was recorded and the band began to perform in concerts. After playing the concert, the band has official members which include Havtan as the guitarist, Kuzin as the drummer, Ivanna as the vocalist, Stepanenko for the saxophone and Andrei Konusov for the bass guitar. During 1985 to 1986, the band had faced a shake up in its line up. This is also the period that the band released a record that sold 5 million copies thru the government label, Melodia. Ivanna’s vocal tone and conquering presence made her insanely popular. Ivanna left the group in 1998. In 1998, the band recorded “Hit Above Love’ and was released by Extraphone and in 2001 the album “Eugenics” was released showcasing the vocal talent of Havtan.