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About Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers is a football team formed in Los Angeles in 1960. They moved to San Diego the next year. There the club was renamed to the San Diego Chargers. Throughout these years the club did not come back to their home stadium, but 2017 was announced as the year when they would finally come back to LA.

Although the city itself used to serve as a puppet in the game of the League and the team owners, it drew attention of three clubs now: Chargers, Rams and Raiders. All three of them are in the final of the Forbes’ list of gridiron football teams value. Previously, the complications used to be caused by the fact that there is no modern stadium in LA, but all of the 3 clubs claim to find their own solution of that problem. Though it is more likely that there will be only team in the city for the following two years, while the variant with 3 clubs in LA and SD is unlikely.

In the beginning of this year, the team leader finally claimed that they are officially shifting back to their mother city. The club was initially created in LA, so this year would be the homecoming one. In the middle of January, the owner came out with his decision and informed the board members. Later he made an official announcement. 'After long thinking, I realized that we need to shift to Los Angeles. Though San Diego has been the home for us for fifty six years, it's time to come back. It will alwys remain a part of our history, be a member of our families, and we will always be grateful for that great support we received from the local fans'.

In November, the people of San Diego voted against tax rise due to money collection for the erection of the new stadium. The estimated cost of it was $1.8 billion. All in all, Spanos could not come to a mutual agreement with the city chief and other city authority representatives on the stadium plan that would be able to keep the players in SD.

The Chargers headquarters would be situated in California. In the course of time, the Chargers would play their home matches in 64 kilometers from it.

The Chargers have limited time till May, 1 to annulate the contract of hiring the stadium and their training base. They also need to pay the compensation to San Diego city and clear the Chargers Park by the beginning of July. Firstly from 1994, LA would become home for 2 teams after the Raiders left for Oakland and the Rams went to Saint Louis. The latter came back in January

Los Angeles Chargers schedule 2017.

Los Angeles 2017 schedule is quite saturated. On the 11 of September they are playing with the Denver Broncos. Then on the 17 of September it would be a game with the Miami Dolphins. Los Angeles Chargers season tickets are available online.